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“Feel Like a Mountain’ is one of 5 films that won an Award at the International Forests Short Film Festival. This short film is a voyage of self discovery — a personal odyssey of the film maker. It is a coming of age story that is full of hope. The film depicts how forests play so many different roles for so many people, from natural resources for indigenous livelihoods to comfort and inspiration for a young boy. Young film maker, Elio Alonso Vasquez Miranda, was awarded at UNFF10 in Istanbul, Turkey on 10 April 2013.” –YouTube

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.18.09 PMDuring our last week of training, we had a talent show for our host families to share the Peruvian culture we had learned during our first 3 months of training and to express our culture from the United States. This performance came from my friend Davis (aka Ozuna) and the best dancers of 27 (aka The Graciamientos). Enjoy!